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Behind The Scenes

Here you can get some background information about my art and future drawings.


August 2016 - Merging with nature - The Space in Between

merging with nature, doppelbelichtung - realistische zeichnung, farbstiftzeichnungI did this drawing in June / July in Geneva. My inspiration for this drawing was a simple but recurring idea, that I could not depict in an adequate way that up until now.

Whenever possible, I spend time in nature. Even though I love the spring / summer, there is nothing like the warm golden colors of late summer or autumn, the way how the light falls through the leaves, the wind sweeps over the fields and the rich, contrasting colors of the sunset. This drawing captures this perception.
The drawing reflects a moment where you, seemingly melt into the surrounding area. Nature, light and person are connected.

On a technical level it is similar to double exposure, where  two images are superimposed over each other. It is quite a challange to do this artwork with colored pencil, because clean transitions and blending require a lot of care and allow little errors. Therefore I prefer to work with the soft wax-based pencils of Prismacolor, since these colored pencils make it possible to apply layer over layer to obtain clean blending and rich colors.

This drawing is part of the bigger theme "The Space in Between". This project deals with perceptions and feelings under various circumstances. It reflects a situation in which time seems to stand still, where you live completely in the moment and experience an almost trance-like state, a kind of limbo.


merging with nature, drawing wip