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Main Gallery -
The Space in Between

Here you can view my main works, portrait drawings and realistic pencil drawings,
as well as the new theme "The Space in Between".

"The Space In Between"
Portrait drawings and human figure

wynonna earp, realistic pencil drawing, realistic portrait drawingmerging with nature, realistic drawing with colored pencils, realistic coloured pencil drawing
colored pencil drawing, coloured pencil drawing coloured pencil portrait drawing, colored pencil drawing double exposure drawing, zeichnung in farbstift, farbstiftzeichnung Fire and Rain Portrait, Colored Pencil drawing Imagination pencil drawing native american drawing, realistic pencil drawing old and young, drawing, zeichnung Gia Carangi drawing, colored pencil portrait drawing portrait drawing, realistic pencil drawing crown of evolution, human - ape drawing, colored pencil James Dean portrait drawing, realistic pencil drawing James Dean drawing, realistic pencil drawing Latitia Casta, portrait drawing, pencil drawing Gia Carangi portrait drawing, realistic pencil drawingGia Carangi portrait drawing, realistic pencil drawing face drawingpencil art, pencil drawing pencil art, pencil drawing Alicia Keys portrait drawing fields of gold, graphite pencil and colored pencil drawing

Animal and Nature Drawings

tiger drawing, tiger colored pencil drawing, realistic colored pencil drawing Jack, pencil drawing, cat drawing, realistic drawing Streuner, katzenportät, katzenzeichnung cat portrait, cat drawing realistic cat drawing, realistic pencil drawing tiger drawing, realistic pencil drawing water drawing, realistic pencil drawing nature drawing, animal drawing, fantasy book drawing blumenzeichnung, mohnblume pastel drawing

Sceneries and Other Drawings

car drawing, realistic pencil drawing desert water drawing desert water colored pencil drawing san francisco skyline, farbstift und pastell zeichnung Miami South Beach, colored pencil and pastel art drawing