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Drawing Tools & Material

for Graphite Pencil Drawings, Colored Pencil, Pastel Drawings

Here are some of the drawing materials I use. Basically, I do not want to recommend a certain brand or label. It is best to try different materials, experiment a bit and find out what suits you best. In any decent art store you should get good advice.


Graphit Pencil Drawing Tools:

drawing tools, pencils

all sorts of pencils; blending stumps, cotton pads and swabs;
kneaded eraser, conventional eraser;
pencil sharpener, sandpaper; paper knife and fixative

Graphit Pencils:
Pencil grades range from 9B (Blackness, soft) to 9H (Hardness, light).
The pencils I use the most are 2B and 3B. For dark areas 4B - 9B (very dark) and for light areas HB to 4h (my hardest pencil e.g. for very light hair). More see tones.

Kneaded Eraser / Eraser:
I usually use a kneaded eraser, only rarely a conventional eraser.
The advantages: A kneaded eraser does not smudge (see below), does not roughen the paper, is kneadable and leaves no particles behind.

kneaded eraser

Blending Stumps, Cotton Swamps & Pads:
You can achieve various effects with blending, shiny effects. I recommend to practice shading first before you use these tools (to prevent "smudging").

Paper: For my drawings I use qualtiy bristol board 625g/m² or 900g/m². It's a smooth heavy-weight paper.
Especially for realistic drawings and blending it's good to have a relatively smooth surface, but not too smooth . If the paper is too grainy or uneven it's hard to draw details and blend. For sketches any copy paper, a good sketch book or any bristol board is good.

Fixative: I spray all my drawings with a Fixative to better preserve it and prevent smudging. Sometime it takes extra layers especially with very dark tones.

Sandpaper: is necessary to clean blending stumps and somtimes to sharpen (pastel) pencils

Pencil Sharpener: I prefer a simple metal pencil sharpener. If your pencils break often it can also be because of a dull sharpener.


Colored Pencils:

farbstifte sets

prismacolor farbstifte

So far I received the best results with Prismacolor Colored Pencils. The are very soft and it's easy to apply several layers.
They have a tendency to break easily, but since I starded using an eyeliner sharpener I haven't had any problems.


Pastel pencil and crayon:

pastellkreiden set

pastellkreiden, pastellstrifte

I use a mixture of various Pastel Pencils and Pastel Crayons.