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How to draw lips, mouth, teeth

The mouth is important for the facial expressions.
In the sketches below the mouth is drawn from a frontal viewpoint.

The lower lip has generally a brighter tone, because the light shines more directly on it. The corners of the mouth and the space between upper and lower lips are darker. At the bottom of the mouth is usually a darker shadow.
In addition to that, observe the round shape of the lips. For a realistic outcome I recommend to use soft round strokes instead of straight lines.

Do not be afraid to draw teeth. In the sketch below, I started with the dark areas, the interdental space and the opening of the mouth. The shape of the teeth can be drawn with a light pencil. In the end you can apply the darker shadows to achieve a more realistic outcome.

Female lips are usually fuller than male lips. There is also a difference between natural and lips with make-up. The latter are usually a bit darker (see right sketch).


lippen und mund zeichnen


Below you can see the mouth from a lateral and an oblique heightened position.

lippen zeichnen, mund skizze

Instead of describing more anatomical details I advice to observe the shape of the lips. Look at the shadows and highlights, and then try to draw what you see.