About Artist Claudia Sottner

My name is Claudia Sottner, I’m an artist, individualist and creator of this site.

Drawing is my passion and has always been an important part of my life. It’s a form of expressing emotions, exploring ideas and dive into dimensions of thoughts and feelings that cannot be put into words.

Nevertheless, one of my early masterpieces looked like this (see “early masterpiece” below).

claudias childhood artwork
early masterpiece

Despite what you may think now, I had a very happy childhood. Growing up in a small town in Austria (Schwaz, Tyrol) surrounded by the Alps led to a close connection with nature.

In my youth, I started to dabble in portrait drawing, which eventually became a specialty.

Throughout the years my relationship with art had its up and downs, but my passion for drawing always kept coming back. Eventually, I set on a semi-professional path, did commissioned works and various exhibitions.

Art Salzburg
Exhibition Art Salzburg (Austria)

I’m completely self-taught and proud of that. My favorite media are graphite and colored pencils. They allow for control and precisions, are easy to use and as a bonus do not contain any harmful chemicals. It also takes a lot of skill and patience to master and to achieve impressive results.

As a non-conformist at heart I have an inner drive to follow my own path and visions. Why follow the “traditional way” if there is a better, more fulfilling way.

This is also a reason for being self-employed since my early 20s. A mix of creativity and a healthy dose of logic help with staying grounded and exploring new ideas. In addition to that, living in three different countries (Austria, Switzerland and Germany) shaped my life experience.

Artist - Künstlerin Claudia Sottner
Transformations, Farbstiftzeichnung, Colored Pencil Drawing

To evolve as an artist I moved away from classic portrait drawing to focus on more creative challenges. My mission is to tell stories through art and connect with the (like-minded) viewer. Therefore I’m working on two separate projects.

The Space In-Between

“The Space In-Between” is my personal long-term project. It's a series of drawings that play with a state between dream and reality, light and dark, a moment of stillness or connectedness.
There is still a lot to come and it's going to be one hell of a ride.


To contrast this time consuming venture, I also focus on a series of small drawings called „Postcards“. The theme is “everyday magic”.
Maybe it can help you enjoy the simple things we take for granted every day.

Thanks for your interest! 
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I hope you feel inspired!